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RCMMA - Bargaining Update

Posted: June 18, 2018

A membership bargaining update is scheduled on June 25 over lunch hour at Henry Baker Hall. We will begin around 12:05 allowing time for everyone to arrive. An information presentation for approximately 30 minutes followed by Q&A for any members that would like to stay. We look forward to seeing you!

Job Postings over the Holidays

Posted: March 28, 2018

With upcoming statuary holidays, just a reminder that the day to day business of the City continues and there may be jobs posted in the next week that you may be interested in applying. If you are planning some vacation around the holidays, you may come back to find you've missed a job posting cut off.

We would therefore like to remind you that over the break you can view current job opportunities on any device (at work or at home) by visiting Current Openings.

Bargaining Update - March 16, 2018

Your bargaining team met with the employer today and exchanged monetary positions. There is no settlement to report and we are waiting for a response from the employer.  Negotiations remain ongoing.

Bargaining Update - March 7, 2018

Your bargaining team met with the employer on February 22, 28 and March 1. During this time proposals were exchanged and discussions on non-monetary items. Additional sessions are scheduled in March to resume bargaining non-monetary and monetary items for your next collective agreement.

Introducing the new "Preferred Partner Program"

Posted: Dec 11, 2017

Effective immediately, Factory Optical Group of Companies is offering their "Preferred Partner Program" to all Regina Civic Middle Management (RCMMA) current members and their immediate family members!

  •  As a Preferred Partner at any Factory Optical location, you will be offered $100 off/person on the purchase of any complete prescription eyewear for you and each of your immediate family members

  • You will also be offered corporate pricing on prescription Safety Eyewear

  • Both offers may be combined with the everyday 2 For 1 offer ($100 discount is limited to once per 2 For 1 redemption).

Refer to your recent email for more information.

Executive meeting minutes
November minutes are available here.
October minutes are available here.

Job Evaluation Partnership Update

Posted: August 2, 2017

Over the last year, the City of Regina, CUPE Local 21, CUPE Local 7 and RCMMA have explored the potential to jointly develop a new job evaluation program. Through discussions, RCMMA determined it would be in the best interest of their members to proceed with a separate project stream.

With limited resources to proceed with multiple job evaluation projects at once, all groups agreed to proceed with a CUPE project first. Although RCMMA job evaluation remains a priority, timing to begin that work will depend on progress made through the CUPE project.

As such, City of Regina, CUPE Local 21 and CUPE Local 7 will be working in partnership to develop and implement a new job evaluation program throughout 2017/2018. CityConnect (the City’s intranet) will become the hub for job evaluation information and project communications, including updates and newsletters. As work begins with RCMMA, additional updates will be provided.

If you have any questions about the Job Evaluation Partnership please don’t hesitate to contact your Union Executive or email


Jason MacDonald, Vice-President, RCMMA

JP Cullen, Executive Director, Organization & People

RCMMA Notebooks for Members - Pick-up Schedule

Posted: June 26, 2017

The RCMMA Executive provided notebooks to members at the Annual General Meeting as a thank you. We would like to provide all members that were unable to attend with a complimentary notebook. Please visit us at one of the locations and times posted below to pick up a notebook and say hello:

June 29 (12pm to 12:55pm) WWS Conference Room (1430 McIntyre Street)

July 4 (12pm to 12:55pm) Darlene Hincks Committee Room (City Hall)

July 6 (12pm to 12:55pm) Building A Meeting Room (2425 4th Ave)

July 13 (12pm to 12:55pm) Parks/Facilities Meeting Room (1430 4th Ave)

Please contact Jason MacDonald at to arrange pick-up if you're unable to make one of the sessions above.

June executive meeting minutes
The 'coles notes' edition of the the June executive meeting minutes are now available here.

Position Affiliation Changes

Posted: May 24, 2017

In early 2016, the former CFO, Ed Archer, sent out a communication to all employees regarding changes in the Saskatchewan Employment Act with an expanded definition of “out of scope” employees. As a result, ongoing discussions commenced between RCMMA and the City. We have reached an agreement to identify which positions now meet the new definition of “out of scope”. Please click here to view the positions to be considered and the status.

 A very detailed approach was developed to reaching the determination of the status based on positions originally identified by the City for consideration. The approach involved the following high level activities:


  • Schedule information sessions to all incumbents identified
  • Retain the services from our independent job classification expert, Phil Johnson
  • Develop and schedule interviews with incumbents who occupy positions identified by the City for consideration as “exempt”, as defined by the Saskatchewan Employment Act
  • Interviews were conducted by Phil Johnson along with either Cheryl Fairbairn or Jason MacDonald between November 16, 2016 and March 3, 2017. The purpose of the interviews was to gain first-hand information from each position incumbent in order to help RCMMA determine whether the position actually performs work of a managerial and/or confidential nature such that the incumbent is placed in a conflict of interest situation with the RCMMA bargaining unit and employer. Job descriptions were also reviewed at the same time
  • The results were summarized and reviewed by RCMMA legal team with a legal opinion provided to RCMMA
  • Letters were sent to all incumbents and information sessions are scheduled in early June to those meeting the definition and moving to Out of Scope.
  • The City and RCMMA will file a joint application to the Labour Board based on the agreement

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cheryl or Jason directly.

May executive meeting minutes
The 'coles notes' edition of the the May executive meeting minutes are now available here.

Reminder: RCMMA Spring Social

on April 11 starting at 5pm 

Date Posted: April 10, 2017

A friendly reminder our Spring Social is tomorrow night at the Knox Metropolitan Church. Lisa from the "Old Cafeteria" will be serving an incredible meal.

Come out and enjoy a great meal, network with some colleagues and receive updates on some important topics. We look forward to your participation during the updates. A change to our Bylaw in section 5.1 will be proposed along with a new policy seeking approval. Please click here to review the proposed changes and new policy/form

Job Evaluation Partnership Update - March 2017

Date Posted: March 21, 2017

Since the last update, Human Resources were busy working on various options to help us all move forward.  All unions were engaged and working on a partnered approach through a memorandum of understanding. We had some fundamental disagreements on the approach which constituted a new plan for Human Resources to consider.

A meeting was held on February 28, 2017 between all the groups to discuss the revised plan. Human Resources indicated they remain committed to this project. The recommendation discussed was to proceed with CUPE Local 21 and 7 initially based on volume of individuals. RCMMA would be engaged upon completion of the new job tool with those unions. The staggered approach also addressed the capacity issues for Human Resources.  A detailed report will be going to ELT in the next month or two outlining the recommendations discussed.

RCMMA remains committed to support this initiative providing agreement is reached on key principles contained in our draft memorandum of understanding and before embarking on a new model.  In the best interests of our members, we believe this will be achieved through agreement on transparency and designing a model that is modern and supports the characteristics of our middle management members.

We will provide more details as they come forward from the ELT report and present at our spring social providing you with an opportunity to ask questions.

If you have any questions in the interim please direct them to

Sask Trends Monitor - January 2017

Date Posted: March 1, 2017

The January issue of Sask Trends Monitor is available with article highlights covering population trends from the 2016 census.

Pension Information Meeting - Feb 8

Date Posted: February 2, 2017

CUPE Local 21 arranged for an information/question night on Feb 8 and extended an invitation to all RCMMA members. See poster for details: POSTER

Happy Holidays & New Year!

Date Posted: December 22, 2016

The RCMMA Executive would like to wish you and your family a peaceful holiday and a wonderful new year!

Reminder: Job Postings

Date Posted: December 22, 2016

Over the holidays, it's easy to miss out on job postings with only a seven day minimum to be posted. There are several ways to keep informed! Visit\careers for all external postings. To keep updated on internal postings away from the office, you can subscribe to the RSS Fee, ask a colleague to notify you, or remotely connect using Citrix or VPN.

Only One Week until AGM!

Date Posted: November 15, 2016

The Annual General Meeting is only one week away. Please confirm if you're able to attend in Outlook. For your convenience the Agenda and Committee Reports for the AGM can be located here. Looking forward to the event!!!

RCMMA Annual General Meeting - Nov 22

Date Posted: October 31, 2016

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on November 22, 2016 at Knox Metropolitan Church (2340 Victoria Ave) from 5pm to 9pm.

An Agenda will be sent to members in Outlook, but a high level summary of events will consists of the following:

- Voting on executive positions (VP Labour Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, Member at Large Voting

- Discussing Saskatchewan Employment Act

- Providing an update on Job Evaluation Partnership

- Amendment proposals to the Constitution

If you have any items you would like added to the agenda please send them to

Job Evaluation Partnership - Update

Date Posted: October 20, 2016

RCMMA participated in Job Evaluation sessions with the Employer, CUPE Local 7 and CUPE Local 21 on October 12 and 13. The focus of these sessions was based on the development of a Memorandum of Understanding. There were significant differences in the approach between the bargaining units and the employer which led to RCMMA recommending to pursue this process exclusively with the Employer. The next session scheduled in November will include all parties to determine next steps.  We will still continue to communicate our progress with CUPE Local 7 and 21 and to discuss ongoing issues. 

 Job Evaluation Partnership - Update

Date Posted: October 9, 2016

At our general meeting on May 3, we provided you with an update regarding Job Evaluation.  Since that time, RCMMA attended four planning / discovery sessions held in August and September with the employer, CUPE Local 7, and CUPE Local 21.

We have upcoming sessions in October with a focus on finalizing the Memorandum of Understanding between the parties.  We will send out an update upon completion of the Oct 12/13 sessions in addition to a presentation at our upcoming Annual General Meeting in November.


If you have any questions prior to the next update, please contact Cheryl Fairbairn or Jason MacDonald. 

RCMMA New Logo Design Contest

Date Posted: August 10, 2016

On behalf of the Executive, we would like to encourage our members to enter the New Logo Design Contest.

We feel it is time to revitalize our logo as we grow as an Association. Please review our poster here for more information.

Good luck and we look forward to reviewing all submissions (due September 30) and announcing a winner after our Executive Meeting on October 5, 2016.

Sask Trends Monitor - May 2016

Date Posted: June 27, 2016

The May issue of Sask Trends Monitor is available with article highlights on labour productivity, farm incomes, and recent population trends.

Sask Trends Monitor - April 2016 

Date Posted: June 1, 2016

The April issue of Sask Trends Monitor is available with articles on investment intentions for 2016, GDP by industry, and summer jobs. 

RCMMA Strategic Plan (link to document)

Date Posted: April 26, 2016

Please review the new strategic plan for Regina Civic Middle Management Association. The Executive will be presenting this new plan to the members at our May 3 Meet n Eat. We look forward to reviewing the plan and receiving your feedback!

Monitoring Job Postings Over Easter Break


We are about to enter the Easter season. A joyous time for many. We would like to bring something to your attention to avoid disappointment for some around this time of year.


The day to day business of the City still progresses at this time. There may be jobs posted in the next week that you would be interested in applying for. If you are planning some vacation around the stat holidays, you may come back to find you’ve missed the cut off for applying for the job. We suggest you monitor the City’s job postings web page while you are on vacation so you don’t miss an excellent opportunity for your career development. Link to the City's employment & career website is

Volunteers Needed for Labour Relations Committee

The Labour Relations Committee manages cases related to issues with labour and perceived violations to our collective agreement with the Employer. Some of the issues we deal with include wage disagreements, position selection, policy disagreements and personnel relationship issues between RCMMA members or between a RCMMA member and the Employer.

The Committee is urgently looking for volunteers to help manage the cases that come through our office. If you are interested in this area and think you can help out, please contact an RCMMA Executive Officer or the Labour Relations Chairperson - Deborah Stearns for more information.

OOS & CMM Staff Christmas Party

The OOS & CMM Staff Christmas Party is at the Hotel Saskatchewan on Friday, December 6.  Please RSVP with Cortnie Jacobson by Friday, November 21.  See the PDF document for further information.

RCMMA Pension News

This is a letter from the Pension and Benefits Committee Chair - Kirby Benning located here. 

We have a copy of the Employees' Group pension plan proposal located here.

RCMMA Pension News

Please read the background pension information here.

We have a brief survey that we urge members to participate in after reading the background pension information. 

Honour Our Deal communication flyers

Please see the PDF document for more information.

RCMMA Survey Results 2 and 3

This is a summary of survey 2 and survey 3 along with a summary of the comments provided to the survey questions asking for input.

RCMMA Survey 1 Survey Results

Hello RCMMA members,

 The results of the first survey can be found here.  Survey 2 closes on Monday, March 10 @ 4:45 PM and the res

2014 RCMMA Negotiations Survey #1

Good Morning RCMMA members,
We need your feedback to help us as we go into collective bargaining negotiations.  Our executive team has decided to send out a short 6 question survey once every two weeks to help us understand our membership wishes.  We appreciate your help in filling out the first survey here.  Your feedback will be anonymous and confidential.  We will use the survey results to help us build a better contract.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Your executive team

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