Regina Civic Middle Management Association 


Regina Civic Middle Management Association (RCMMA) was created in 1973. Since that time, the organization has represented middle management. We dedicate ourselves to improving the working lives of our members, bringing

fairness and dignity to the workplace and enabling members to fulfill their career desires and ambitions at the City of Regina.


In this endeavor, RCMMA continues to build relationships with members, management and with our union partners; to build its profile through a combination of hard work; and to be strategic in its efforts to successfully bargain with management.


Our goal is to build an organization and work environment which:

  • will establish, promote, and enhance opportunities for members to pursue high standards of personal and professional development;
  • will increase the value of our services and organization to our members;
  • improves the workplace in a manner that allows members to achieve their career aspirations;
  • is committed to enhancing our workplace to foster professionalism across middle management;
  • is effective and efficient; and
  • will enable us to enjoy our time at work.

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